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In a discussion at #MASHUPMONDAY, we raised idea of including a relevant #HASHTAG with your #FOLLOWFRIDAY tweets. In other words, associate a topic with your collaborators, colleagues and friends, especially if they've helped you solve problems or answer questions. Over time, this could drive significantly more value by helping to identify subject matter experts (SME's).

Some kind of aggregation or cross-reference app might add value as well. Is there one?

Add your thoughts, or any creative use of accumulated #followfriday tweets -

[this idea cross posted as Discussion thread w/in Linked In GROUP 139663]

[for more on FollowFriday, see blog from Amy Webb]

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Also, if you enjoy certain hashtags, share those tags with the term #hashlove

eg. #hashlove for these Twitter communities #eventprofs #spkrchat #assnchat


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