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I'm interested in knowing if anyone operates a site using Google Friend Connect.

I have some communities built off of Ning, but find that some people don't want to sign up for another online community. The problem is that Ning doesn't support Facebook Connect, OpenID, etc. Google Friend Connect does, as well as AIM, Yahoo and Google accounts.

Anyone out there use Google Friend Connect? Thoughts, experiences, if you have?

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This seems really interesting. I can understand the reluctance of becoming involved in another network. It appears as GFC is more open. I am going to investigate further.
I've been on sites that use it, but haven't added it to any of my own. In the case of my blog for instance I'd rather let people just comment without having to login to Google, Disqus or whatever. That's typically how I've seen it used, to augment discussion on blogs and regular sites.

My initial thought is that it would be tricky to use it to create a Ning like experience. It solves the account problem easily enough, but you'd have to code most of the other features. Perhaps you could do it with Wordpress or another CMS.

On the otherhand, the good thing about Ning is that you can use the same credentials for many Ning networks--as long as you sign up for each with the same e-mail. Alas I have 2 Ning accounts and they can't be merged so I login for some with account A and others with account B.

I'll have to explore it more and see other ways people are using GFC.
Hey Nick, we're going to cover 'all things Google SM' next WEDS 7/29, hope u can join us, and u can tee this up; will also be discussing Google Docs, Chrome, etc. Hope to see u there -

One thing I learned the hard way with your Ning accounts too. You can only have one credit card associated with one Ning account. Therefore when I built another social network for someone else and bought some of the premium services I couldn't use a different credit card. So you need to have different Ning accounts if you are building them for other people. I imagine they will fix that down the road, but something good to know. To fix the problem you can go through a process of transferring network ownership to another ning profile, but its just easier to know from the beginning and use s different account to do so.

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