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Smchat has 3 locations on 3 different SM sites. The purpose of this discussion is to come to a consensus on the purpose of each of those locations and how those locations should be structured to leverage the tools that these SM sites offer.

From the Skype discussion on Monday 8/10, I heard people say that Linkedin was more of a legacy location for smchat before Ning was created. However, it still gets used. In fact it was used to communicate Skype call details.

1) How do you think the Linkedin location should be used? Ideas, comments, suggestions . . .

The Ning site was started to create one centralized location for smchat. On the Skype call there was a discussion about using Ning to continue and start offline discussions.

2) How do you think the Ning location should be used? Ideas, comments, suggestions . . .

Finally during the Skype call we discussed using the hashtag site to allow people to volunteer to be moderators.

3) How do you think the Hashtag location should be used? Ideas, comments, suggestions . . .

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1) I think it is nice to have the LinkedIn group because it provides a redundant pathway to the information. But it's easier to organize (and search) discussions here on the Ning site. Perhaps we can use LI to let people know about things being discussed here on Ning.

2) I really liked the idea of posting a follow-up question here on Ning at the 60 minute point of the live #smchat. We could have 1 or more questions, but I think the main thing to do would be to focus on a theme that became popular during the chat. We could also create a group for these so all discussion emanating from live chats is housed together in one place.

3) I think the wth? is a good place to handle the moderation. We can also link the questions listed there to the follow up replies here on Ning (once we have those.)

Anything we can do to tie the pieces together is a big help. While some users won't have the time or interest to participate in multiple spaces, making them available and offering clear pathways to access them gives everyone several options.

As an aside, I joined in #socialmedia today. It was a fun session, much more like #blogchat than like ours. I think we'll be perfectly fine if we cover the same topics. They are doing it in much broader strokes. I think they also play a role in educating newer users while we tend towards more serious pontification. I can't recall who described #smchat as being more academic, but I think that's right on the money. There's plenty of room for both. Though I did notice a bit of confusion given that people also use the #socialmedia tag for things not part of the live chat.

They also have a Web site at It uses the Neighborhood America platform, which I'd not seen before. After looking at the source code I can say that it generates some rather sloppy HTML, but that is true of many content management systems. (Being geeky, I always have to look under the hood.) They have a blog (which we could easily do too) but I think our focus on continuing the conversation here via discussions is a good strategy for our group.

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