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Q17 REMIX: How do our 13 CORE SM PRINCIPLES impact today's organizations?

Here's the place to add your thoughts to the 8/19/09 discussion!

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Here's a blog post by Alasdair Munn that's applicable to today's chat:
Also Alasdair tweeted this since he's not going to be able to come to the chat:

Contribution to #smchat: Avoid broadcast mentality & fight 4 perception Keep unwritten contract of sm - real relationship
Excellent blog post from Alasdair (@ajmunn) on the importance of NOT diluting the value of your SM experience with a broadcast mentality. He's right. SM tools make broadcasting too easy. They almost encourage it, leaving you trapped with a mindset of: "Here's what I have to say, and I'm telling you, whether you want to hear it or not". Whatever happened to the old fashioned Q&A approach? Try "What's on your mind?"

Reading on, Alasdair says at the core of effective marketing is establishing the right perceptions in your messaging. Examples: What do you stand for? or in other words what are your values? Also, why would you add value to my network? In a conversation, those things tend to come out loud and clear; so why should your SM interactions be any different?

In the end, be honest and heartfelt with your tweets, just like you would be in a conversation. Hopefully you have a genuine interest in contributing to the conversation, and just as genuine a desire to learn from it. Bring that. Then watch your network grow.

Love interacting with the SMCHAT gang, I learn something every time we talk. I just wish Alasdair was going to join us today, when we discuss this live. #SMCHAT (1pEDT) ..

Everybody else: see you there .. and bring your pov.

Thanks Alasdair for the blog, and Renee (@renee_innosight) for posting this, and for guest hosting today. Should be a great conversation.

Chris (@SourcePOV)
Confused. Are we chatting through Ning interface?
I'm writing a blog post about this topic right now, which should be posted in the next few days. It's about SM's impact on orgs. #smchat
It's from my own exp., that clients want #SM but often need to make some org. changes they aren't prepared for. #smchat
Here are some quick highlights from today's SMchat. I'm sure I've missed lots, but feel free to add in with key tweets/points and also continuations of ideas. I'll try to come back and add more when time allows too. Thanks for hosting Renee!

Broadcasting versus collaborating

Broadcasting not all (or always bad)-- “Targeted broadcasting”- targeting the right people is vital

Much depends on goals for using social media, what are you trying to accomplish?

Underlying importance of Trust: “trust is key if people are to collaborate”

Two key threads: transparency and reliability

What’s the relationship between being personal and personable?

Are any trust agents (requirements) different in SM than IRL?
Context is different, how you get there is different, but destination is the same?

Possible to overthink trust. Trust and what establishes it can be different for different people.

Avatar has an impact, visual representation that contributes to one’s presence and trustworthiness.
Need a “rank my avatar trustworthiness” website?
Get a dead-sexy avatar! Or a really trustworthy one…

Article about Twitter avatars and what you convey with it.

Trust= frequency + personable + transparency + consistency + value + reliability + network + trustworthy avatar

Trust, but verify

Invoking both trust & level of energy & commitment is a good measure of a relationship

One good social media practice can be to ID early adopters and seed SM there.

Future Questions:

Good Q for future chats.."how do we identify those stakehoders ahead of time, prevent safe mode tendency from digging in"

Future question maybe?: "Is SM driving cultural changes in organizations and how?"
The group asked that we have a place for offline discussion prior to LIVE CHAT to help us tee up topics, but also to recap takeaways. Silver lining: it gives folks w/ schedule conflicts a place to see what they missed, without having to parse through hundreds of tweets in the log.

Agree that too many "touch points" can be confusing, so we're limiting formats to two: (1) #SMCHAT on Twitter (via Tweetchat) for LIVE CHAT and (2) SMCHAT NING for threaded posts, links and any other sticky content. Hope that helps.

Thx for joining us today, Swan .. as always, some great contributions.
Reading over the chat, there are some great insights to be had. What I love about this topic is it allows us to steer away from the hypothetical detail and concentrate on the principles. This is important as social media means so many different things to so many different people. Getting bogged down in detail can lead to a loss of relevance and context and bring out answers like "It depends on your objectives" (I'm guilty of providing that answer on occasion)

In a fast paced chat, we are all feeding off everyone else's energy, trying to keep up and wanting to add our own perspective. That perspective is going to be very different from other peoples perspectives. That is a GOOD thing, but it can also lead to misunderstanding when you express yourself in 140 characters at speed.

After that long winded monologue, to the point. It would be great for us to put down some of what we consider are the underlying principles of social media here on the ning site. This should provide a different flavour of answers from the chat as we have time to consider and express our answers in a more personal way.

Here are some of my keywords around principles

Relationship (overt and in-overt)
Engagement (Direct and indirect)
Towards objectives

I could go on but would love additions/comments/discussion/edits/critism

Alasdair, this is a great idea! I had hoped to start the chat yesterday with a enumeration of underlying principles, but that idea got away from me pretty quickly.

I agree with yours except for Managed, Measured, and Towards objectives. The only reason I disagree with those is that they don't seem inherent in social media but seem to be imposed by the way someone would use it.

So here's what I would add as inherent principles:

Public (perhaps that's the same as you meant by Visibility)

:) renee

Love your additions. Yes Public would align to Visibility however I chose visibility as you would always want your content to be visible to your audience, and that might not mean the same has having it public. Think permissions based networks.

I can see why you argued against Managed, Measured and Towards Objectives. Reading the title it is the 'impacting today's organizations' that led me to add those.

The point here is an organisation led social media strategy has to be guided by the principles of organisation (organised). This principle ensures we move away from a hit and miss strategy, or the idea that social media is a way to increase the perception of the principles we are talking about, rather than ensuring organisations immerse themselves in them.
Excellent list-

I vote 3 times for "serendipitous" - because when people say "I don't get Twitter" or "social media is a waste of time" I just want to say that .. but it's such a big word, it doesn't tend to leap from the lips. And "opportunistic" is a poor second cousin.

Anyway, great expansion and refocus Alasdair (@ajmunn). That's why we tapped NING, a place to reflect a little.

And thanks Rennee for the clarification -

I still wouldn't trade "140c at speed" for anything .. that energy, as you call it, is the source for some amazing things.

Chris (@SourcePOV)

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