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This week's topic, guest hosted by yours truly, is on predicting what, if anything, will the next generation of the web bring us. From the semantic, to the immersive, to the uber-connected internet - bring us your thoughts on what Web 3.0 will bring, not just to the consumer, but to businesses as well!

I put up a positioning post on my blog with some background reading to inspire you -so take a quick look here first:

Then get your thinking caps, tarot cards, statistical projections, and astrological charts out and come ready to prepare us for the next wave in the online world!

See you on Wednesday at 1pm EST!

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Great topic Boris. Thanks for hosting on this. The positioning blog materials are also good and useful as a jumping off point. I hope to join in today as much as possible in and around a another conference that I'm in. I'm sure it will be discussed, but I'd like to hear more about the concept of the semantic web, not only what it means (definition) but also what it means (its potential implications for practice). Look forward to seeing what develops in the discussion...

p.s. tarot cards said something about new opportunities and travel during the 4th window of my house when the sun is rising. If we can work that into the discussion too, I'd appreciate it. :-)
Enjoyed today's discussion enormously. Many great ideas, insights and questions.

Thank you.
Thanks for hosting Boris. The topic was great and really liked the way this session elicited a lot of inputs and brainstorming about the future. Would love to see some ongoing discussion to keep the energy going!
Agreed, a great conversation all the way around. Applause (still echoing) for Boris on a productive and engaging smchat. I believe Renee has some good notes, and I hope she'll be posting those soon.

I hope we can compile some good definitions around "the semantic web", along with some clarity around the whole 1.0-2.0-3.0 evolution that Braden had challenged us with -

Also interested on the net takeaway re: barriers to 3.0. Of course stability and traction for 2.0 has to happen, but having a full view of barriers, trigger events, and likely timeframes would be helpful. Will there be a tipping point at work on Web 3.0?

Also need closure on the important discussion around tagging and context -

I'm with Mark let's keep the Q&A flowing - thoughts on the above? Or more? Also, don't hesitate to tweet your thoughts and link them back here - the link to this thread is

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