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The Power of Social Media

Do any of these scenarios strike a chord?

- you're at a great conference, have a revelation, and want to pass it on;
- speakers w/ a 'talking head' or 'broadcast' style have turned you off, until you realize Twitter can help you connect and engage;
- travel budgets have stranded you at home .. but you discover conf hashtags and the group of folks tweeting let you extract value anyway;

In a nutshell, you've tasted tweetcasting, a virtual conference trend that's emerged over the last year. It can extend value beyond the walls of the meeting hall. Done correctly, it has the effect of expanding the reach of the event itself, creating greater leverage for speakers and more buzz for event promoters. Most of all, it creates insight for a broader base of virtual participants around the world, building the event brand and driving sales for next time.

I put out an open call for insight on this just this week, and got quite a few responses, both from familiar SMCHAT faces and many new ones. Thanks to Dean Meyers who has done our PRIMARY FRAMING this week. Don't miss the link to Olivia Mitchell's blog he cites .. its packed w/ tips for presenters and event planners, some of which we'll touch on at SMCHAT for Q26.

But there's more; I didn't want you to miss any of the following posts:

Boris did a write-up on Bloggers Hub at WBF09 as well as a post on the pioneering role of WIF09 including roles of Minuteman, Librarian and Debater

From India, Madan Rao touches on general takeaways from his experiences at #PICNIC09, #MOMOAMS, #SANGO09, #ACTKM, #ONA09, #BWE09

And finally, I have inputs from Alasdair and others; at this point, I'll be working their ideas into our live convo. Our AGENDA is posted below. See you at #SMCHAT WEDS 11/4 1pEST for Q26 Tweetcasting.

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Let's use this agenda for WEDS 11/4 SMCHAT (though it's subject to change, as I get additional inputs and finish reading all the great material submitted). DM me any ideas ..

Q26a Tweetcasting Basics (the 'How')
Q26b Inside Scoop & Lessons Learned: from the Crowd, the Podium
Q26c Event Planner View: Buzz, Impact to Sales (short-term, long-term)
Q26d Benefits: Who Wins?
Q26e Paradigm Shift: Mega Webinars?
Q26f Next

As always, will try to keep to this agenda. PLEASE read as much of the framing material as you can in advance, we get to cover a lot more ground that way.

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