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Our Tweets and Facebook status updates are useful, but not rich enough to form a full content strategy. If you are implementing a social media strategy, then you (usually) need some sort of Web site to serve as home base. For many it's a traditional site, for groups like ours, it's a Ning Network, and for many others it is a blog.

In my framing post, Blogging as the backbone of a social media strategy, I've walked us through a potential use scenario in which I discuss some of the reasons a blog can be used to form the core of your social media strategy.

But I also know that it isn't the best option for everyone. This Wednesday I'd like us to ponder the merits of blogs, their advantages, and appropriate contexts for their use.

Here are the planned questions, though we are welcome to veer off on a tangent if an appropriate one emerges.

Q28-A: Social media campaigns are meant to serve measurable goals. Are blogs more appropriate to some goals than others? Examples?

Q28-B: Are you successfully using a blog in conjunction with a social media strategy? How is the blog better serving your needs than would another option? (This could be related to ease-of-use, features such as RSS, archiving, etc.)

If you have implemented a social media strategy that doesn't use a blog, please chime in with what you are using instead, whether that is a static site, Ning, a Facebook page, or whatever.

Q28-C: Have you found any drawbacks to using your blog with your social media strategy? How can we help you solve these problems?

Q28-D: If your boss or client is hesitant about blogging, how would you convince them to try it?

Q28-E: Open to any new theme that arrives during the discussion.

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@TheSM365Project put together a summary of the chat at

I'm also putting together a better transcript. The version from WTH is missing 12 hours of Tweets up through the first hour of the chat so I'm going to combine that with stuff I manually pull from the #smchat RSS feed.

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