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Hello, SMChatters.

A few weeks ago in our collaboration chat, we touched briefly on how social media creates meaningful connections, invokes a collaborative spirit, and brings people who'd be otherwise disconnected together -- hey, look around, that's how we all ended up here, right?

The conversation moved quickly, so in this week's discussion, let's stop to explore how these connections might foster real-time action both for mission-driven organizations and social changemakers alike. Should be a lively, relevant exchange for folks working in the non-profit space as well as anyone who's part of a greater community and looking to share ideas.

With that in mind, here are some questions for us to consider:

- What characteristics make for a cohesive community? What is community?
- What needs to be present within that community to ensure its members take action?
- Who ultimately "owns" the effort? Where does accountability come in?
- How can we use social media to spur action beyond discussion? Specific tools? Advice? Lessons learned?

Please join in!

Oh, and for those of you I haven't yet met, I'm Rabia Shirazi (@realize_ink by day, @rabiashirazi when I'm not working, which is pretty much never), #smchat's resident non-profiteer and social change gal. I also run a strategic communications shop exclusively for the changemaking community and am always eager to engage in good conversations with smart people like yourselves. I'm very excited to host this week's #smchat and welcome your feedback and additional questions to consider.

See you Wednesday!

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Really excited about this topic, Rabi, and having you on board as moderator and one of our very first "chat stream editors". You are Sharon are blazing a new trail. Let's all be on the lookout for those interested in branching out into new streams.

Meantime, we're looking forward to an insightful and successful Q39 .. !!


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