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Hello all,

I will be hosting #smchat on Feb 17th. I wanted to focus my questions on media content promotion through social media, as it is a topic that I think everyone can relate to, whether you work for a large company, or just for yourself.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Eric Fulwiler, and I am a Publisher Recruiter and Community Outreach Representative at I work on social media strategy and community development, so a lot of my time is spent engaging with various relevant communities, and learning from influencers, such as yourselves.

I'm excited to be hosting #smchat this Wednesday. Please feel free to provide any feedback on these questions, or suggest a couple more if you have some good ones. Thanks!

TOPIC 36: Media content promotion through social media


Q36a) How does social media replace, overlap, or differ from traditional promotional channels?


Q36b) How can content be optimized for promotion through social media?


Q36c) What advice (suggestions or caveats) would you give to those looking to promote content through social media?


Q36d) What media brands (corporate or individual) would you identify as being "successful" with social media promotion? Why?


Q36e) What do you think the short term future of media promotion will focus on? Mobile? Ipad?

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