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The Power of Social Media

Show of hands: Who’s questioned their social media effort? Hint: All hands should be raised.

Try this scenario: You’ve spent weeks planning a campaign, identified key influentials and ensured they knew you, fined tuned and put your best ask (sing the petition, vote) out to your supporters …and only virtual crickets chirp back. Two days later, you share a fairly ridiculous YouTube video featuring your neighbor’s cat on Facebook and 20+ people comment. Sound familiar?

It’s about that point we’ve all wondered, “Hey, is this thing on?” Your audience is online, your cause is compelling, your ask was brilliant, so what went wrong? Quite possibly, it’s campaign fatigue.

With that in mind, here are some questions for us to consider:

- How do you address campaign/issue fatigue via social media?

- What are the critical do’s and don’t’s all changemakers should know to avoid such fatigue?

- What is it that makes social change and cause-related social media campaigns successful over a longer period of time?

Should be a lively, relevant exchange for folks working in the non-profit space
as well as anyone who's part of the greater social change community and looking
to share ideas. Please join in!

Oh, and for those of you I haven't yet met, I'm Rabia Shirazi (@realize_ink by
day, @rabiashirazi when I'm not working, which is pretty much never), #smchat's
resident non-profiteer and social change gal. I also run a strategic
communications shop exclusively for the changemaking community and am always
eager to engage in good conversations with smart people like yourselves. I'm
very excited to host this #smchat series and welcome your feedback and
additional questions to consider.

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