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Greetings, changemakers! The social change #smchat series is back in full swing this week and we’re making up for lost time by tackling a doozy: managing your online community.

There are communities filled with motivated do-gooders, those that more closely resemble a kindergarten classroom, and everything in between. Ever feel like you spend more time keeping the peace than sharing your mission? Have a bully that just won’t quit? How have you overcome that?

Or do you wonder if all your fans simply hide your posts? Are even you tired of your posts? What tricks do you have to keep people interested?

No matter which community yours is, you’re not alone. So tune in to share tips on keeping your community respectful, motivated, and working toward your mission.

As always, bring your questions, best practices, and samples to share. This promises to be a lively, relevant exchange for folks working in the non-profit space as well as anyone who's part of the greater social change community and looking to share ideas. Please join in!

For those of you I haven't yet met, I'm Rabia Shirazi (@realize_ink), #smchat's resident non-profiteer and social change gal. I also run a strategic communications shop exclusively for the changemaking community and am always eager to engage in good conversations with smart people like yourselves. I'm very excited to host this #smchat series and welcome your feedback and additional questions to consider.

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